Markets Served


Competitive demands are driving defense and aerospace OEMs to take a new look at outsourcing. Twenty plus years of experience serving the commercial and military markets means APE can help you find the cost saving solutions needed to remain competitive in today’s market. APE provides a secure environment for your data and meets all ITAR and EAR requirements.

APE Also Offers:

• Sites that specialize in low volume, complex assemblies
• Supply chain optimization for cost reduction and efficiency
• Quality certification to AS9100
• Product traceability from receipt to shipments
• Product stewardship and obsolescence management
• Design and engineering services

Medical Diagnostics Equipment

At APE we understand the quality required when manufacturing medical devices that can improve, prolong, or potentially save a life. We implement the latest and most productive methods to bring you the highest quality product in the shortest time frame possible. With rapid advancements in the medical field happening almost daily, you must have suppliers that are as flexible as you. APE has the technology, quality, and service skills to be that supplier and provide the support to make your business succeed.

We drive customer success through ow uncompromising focus on customer requirements, quality control management system, specialized assets and training, certification to industry standards, operational audit programs, data-driven management, and a dedication to client satisfaction.

Customized Solutions
• Cancer treatment devices
• Dermatological Lasers
• Ultrasound

Semiconductor Capital Equipment

We know that your business has its own exclusive design, manufacturing and supply chain requirements. APE partners with you to determine how best to design, manufacture and ship your industrial and semiconductor equipment products. Companies in the semiconductor industry understand that strong manufacturing partnerships can provide an aggressive product advantage and expand fiscal performance. Our skill supporting multifaceted, top of the line machinery continues to accelerate time-to-market and lower costs for our clientele, which ensures market share that is both consistent and progressive.

Precision Assembly

We meet the precision assembly and system integration requirements of a highly demanding marketplace. Our capabilities include:
• Precision optical alignment and X-Y-Z stage movement
• Photonics, hydraulics and pneumatics
• Machine vision X-ray and linear accelerator program support

Customized Solutions

Our state-of-the-art machining facilities employ the most advanced, computer controlled equipment available for semiconductor capital equipment components.
• Ion Implantation
• Wafer-handling automated robots
• Photolithography
• Vacuum leak checking
• Rapid temperature processing